Minutes NTCA/bike kitchen 28 April 2016

Minutes NTCA/bike kitchen 28 April 2016

North Taranaki Cycle Advocates/Bike Kitchen Meeting

28 April, 2016



Chair: Graeme

Notetaker: Stuart

Present:  Graeme, Stuart, Alan, Nigel, Carl, Liz

Apologies: Joelle, Quin


1. Account balances

Bike kitchen:  $316

NTCA: $485


2. Liz/Carl reported on transportation team (formerly roading team) restructuruing - now includes 3 sub-teams:

  • Integrated transportation team (includes Let's Go, accessibiity, public transport and advocacy - coordinated by Liz, includes David Brown (traffic safety engineer), Sarah Wilson (public health background - working with schools) and Nathanial who is job sharing with Sarah.
  • Network delivery team (Bruce Chaddock coordinator) - manages construction/maintenance contracts
  • Network Access team (John Eagles) - manages consents, street closures, etc needing roading input. Kevin Lower will do traffic management plans for events.

3. Taranaki Traverse - exploring options for mountain bike track from Carrington Road (Pukeiti) to Oakura.

4. Let's Go update

  • Coronation Ave (from Highland Intermediate to Upjohn) upgrade currently out for consultation. Goal is to widen cycle lane and make it more consistent by reducing car parks.
  • Morley/Devon upgrade originally proposed as urban cycle way project but declined because Devon is a state highway.
  • Working with NZTA on Devon St West upgrade from Belt Road to just past Lawry - this is complicated as many homes have no off street parking - working with NZTA on concept/network design issues this creates.
  • Mandate for all new roads to accommodate active transport and all repaving to accommodate bike lines unless streets too narrow.

5. Troubleshooting specific upgrade issues raised by NTCA members:

  • issue of ridged concrete on Carrington - relates to power cables being shallower than indicated on plans.
  • discussed ongoing issue of Huatoki pathway cyclists getting run down by traffic turning from Carrington onto Vivian - discussed using hatch marks to force motorists into right lane.
  • discussed draininage/vegetation problems on Te Henui between Cumberland and the two bridges - this seems to be maintenance issues

Action: Alan will send Liz photos of the 2 ponds that form during winter and overgrowth of vegetation.

  • discussed surface of Te Henui being really soft behind Girls High - Carl thinks this can be remedied with money from cycleway maintenance fund.
  • discussed Devon Road surface being really rough (both directions) at Mangati Road intersection

Action: Alan will send Liz a Google Map with dots to indicate location of the problem.

  • discussed whether new SH3 bypass around Mount Messenger tunnel can be used for cycle tourism or whether we should encourage use of smaller roads - shoulder will be wider but rumble strips will remain to ensure traffic safety.
  • discussed shared space in front of library being used as car park - Let's Go trying to get parking enforcement officiers to be more vigilant.
  • discuss chip ending up in cycle lane following reseal.

Action: NTCA members to report these instances to NPDC so they can request service contract.

  • Bertrand Road Bridge - cyclists need to walk their bikes in winter or slow right down. Liz will communicate with contractor about maintaining gravel on approach to bridge.
  • missing marker pegs on Barret Road (Nigel first reported this 2 years ago).
  • Junction Road Bridge - traffic safety issue
  • raised fire hydrant cover Devon/Watson St - Nigel first reported this last June.

6. AA doing survey about attitudes towards cyclists - Ralph Broad coordinating. Some discussion at Let's Go of replacing green signs on Carringon Road with Share the Road signs.

7. Update on cycle laine extension over Waiwhakaiho Hill - Let's Go has presented valuation to Fitzroy Engineering and John Matthews for proposed easement for shared pathway over their land and they're considering it.

8. Be Seen - Graeme will help in Waitara and Stuart will help on foreshore walkway (near Dawson) and Devon West (near Lynmouth Park).

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