Minutes NTCA 26 Nov 2015

Minutes NTCA 26 Nov 2015

North Taranaki Cycle Advocates

26 Nov 2015


Chair: Graeme

Notetaker: Stuart

Others present:  Nathaniel, Nigel, Joelle, Alan.


1. Financial Report

Balance bike kitchen: $222.70

Balance NTCA: $628.22

Discussed Bike Kitchen request for NTCA to help purchase a mechanic's bike stand.

Decision: Agreed NTCA would add to amount in bike kitchen account if necessary to enable this purchase - Alan will let group know via email.


2. Consolidating meetings

Decision: agreed NTCA and Bike Kitchen would meet jointly and only hold meetings every other month - in the case of submission deadlines, special meetings can be called or submissions can be discussed via email.

3. Let's Go Update - Nathaniel

Let's Go will be getting their own road safety engineer to approve and oversee all roadworks.

Urban Cycling Fund Projects - progressing into design phase with input from Highland students.

Concerns that track on Ngamotu Domain is extremely steep and bordeline dangerous.

4. CAN update - Graeme

CAN negotiating with NZTA to do more bike/heavy duty truck trainings.

CAN's review due by end of Nov.

CAN-Do scheduled for mid-March in Hamilton.

Walking/Cycling conference scheduled for July - abstracts due by early Feb.




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