Minutes July 2nd 2013

Minutes July 2nd 2013

CAW meeting, 2nd July, Sustainability Trust (thanks for the meeting room)

Attendance: Phaedra, Peter, Eleanor, Glenda, Ron, Maurice, James, Sarah, Malcolm, Patrick, Tom, Christina, Sridhar, Paul, Mathew, Don, Ian

1.      Introductions

2.      Last meetings minutes accepted

Council Candidates - three minute manifestos and questions
Malcolm Aitken, Labour, Onslow-Western Ward
Standing because it is a difficult time, council needs new people, fresh ideas
Wellington should be doing better economically and socially
He hasn't cycled in WGN for a long time, wants to hear ideas, know what the issues are, what can be done.
Several issues raised including bike stands, GHW, and higher level - how does cycling connect to outcomes such as an improvement in economics and social services

Sarah Free, Green, Eastern Ward
Sees transport as a top issue, a key platform is improving cycling and footpaths
Interested in Energy - more photovoltaic electric transport
Rides an electric bike
Discussion of the bigger picture, Boris Johnson's vision, talk about cycling being good for everyone, ie livability.  Fewer cars --> better for all, including those that don't ride.  Good for business, the evidence is there.  We should go for a bigger audience - not just cyclists.

3.      Eleanor - Our Capital Spaces Submission
linking tracks for commuting, upgrade with lighting etc.  submission will be on CAN website soon
Support for multi-use paths, suggest that these should eventually extend to every suburb

4.      Christina - report from Velocity 2013
Her presentation well received, interviewed by Austrian Public Radio afterward.
Conf - 1400 people, twice last year, next year in Adelaide, then in Paris!
Points from the conf:
To be successful creating higher mode share, need politicians on board
Lower road speeds of 30 km/hr make a huge difference
Contraflow in Europe - one way sts that allow 2 day travel for cycles.
Health Benefits
Money needs to be spent on infrastructure - Danish Govt is spending 33M Euros over 3 years.
Munich - new resident’s tours are on bikes, run by city council
Always room for cycling infrastructure "small does not mean impossible"
She will present more at the August Active Transport Forum - good to get as many councilors there as possible
Political representation at these conferences would be great.

5.      WCC budget - another $500k has been voted on, passed 15:0.  Turn out at cycling forum probably helped.

6.      Paul McArdle - Bikes in Schools
Told us about Bikes in Schools, started 3.5 years ago.  Details on website.
Last week opened the 17th school, 17 more schools have started fund raising and another 18 have asked for info.
Is talking to WCC and hopefully will get schools in WGN region involved
$50k has huge return to the school and community - health, social
Obvious linkage b/w children biking (activity) and educational outcomes
Gives children with special needs something mainstream to do
Appeals to people across the political spectrum

7.      Island Bay to CBD update
well received at Newtown Residents Association
Patrick has found a volunteer to sketch ideas
Need to talk up idea of complete streets, for everyone

8.      CAN strategy workshop
1 day discussion of CAN after the Networking Project - outcome was desire for CAN as a strong national voice associated with strong local groups.  Aims:
- strong central voice in WGN
- improve communication between local groups
- think about the branding and scope of CAN's work

9.      Rants and Raves
Maurice - turned up for Police lights but no one there, communication failure
Don - new job, 1st time in building with great bike parking
James - Brussels, Street by old work with bike symbols plastered all over the street --> can ride anywhere?
Paul - Story of 3 year old boy who didn't talk getting on a bike and saying 'where are the brakes?'


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