Minutes 6 Aug 2014

Minutes 6 Aug 2014

North Taranaki Cycle Advocates

6 Aug 2014


Chair: Graeme

Notetaker: Stuart

Present: Graeme, Stuart, Rowan, Nigel, Nathaniel

Apology: Alan, Joelle


1. Bank balance $428.79. This includes $50 expenditure for voucher won by Anthony Rhodes for completing NTCA survey.

2. Graeme reported he wrote letter of support for Velodrome Trust. Also Alan has volunteered to help with the Waitara bike fix-up. NPDC has invited us to a Let's Go staff meeting.

Action: Graeme will forward invitation to Stuart.

3. Discussion held about Greg Stephens' NPDC submission on the NZTA budget. He asked for more money for regions, walking and cycling and public transport.

4. Nathaniel reported that Bertrand Road in Waitara is being revamped to be more cycle friendly. Also possible improvements being considered at the bottom of Carrington St (motorists using cycle lane when they turn onto Carrington from Powderham, especially when cars cued up).

Current Let's Go activities include a high school challenge where high schools compete for the most active transportation trips. Cycle training in schools is fully booked. In addition 12 parimary schools are currently measuring all their trips. Schools can get a ramp (to do tricks) for every 20 bike/scooter trips they log.

Every Wed Let's Go sponsors walking/cycling to work. Participants can get a hot drink for $1.00 at participating cafes (jointly sponsored by Let's Go and the cafes. Roading team working on installing electronic active warning signs to slow down traffic near schools. Let's Go also filming scooter skills guideline which will be available at the end of the year.

5. Next meeting Wed 3 Sept 5.30 pm

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