Minutes 5 Nov 2014

Minutes 5 Nov 2014

North Taranak Cycle Advocates

5 November 2014



Chair: Graeme

Notetaker: Stuart


Present: Stuart, Graeme, Joelle, Alan

Apology: Nigel (mother-in-law's birthday)


1. Account balance $428.79

2. Graeme announced Can-Do conference will be in Christchurch 28-29 Mar 2015

3. Reviewed Transport Agency's proposed changes to Vickers to City bike route.

4. Submissions on Carrington road upgrade due by 14 Nov.

Issues discussed include narrow lane (and risk of car door opening into you) outside Mill Rd shops.

Also at Huatoki intersections right turning vehicles tend not to see cyclists heading into town. Supermarket scheduled to open on Upjohn will likely increase vehicle traffic and make the problem worse. 

Another problem occurs when cyclists turn left from Carrington onto Vivian - they cross the path of cars coming out of carpark

Action: Graeme will post aerial drawings of proposed drawing on website, along with link for making submission.

5. Graeme and Joelle debriefed on Nelson cycling conference

It was positive to see so many NZTA there. Lots of advocacy people. Disappointing no health or Ministry of Transport people there because they write policy. 190 attendees total. Joelle reported on survey of retail shoppers showing that most travelled on foot or parked at a distance from shop.

6. Let's Go

Marfell School has just had a track built around the school perimeter but they don't have any bikes yet. Principal wants to meet with Joelle and Nathaniel to consult on holding some kind of grand opening.

November - back to back cycle skills training scheduled (Fitzroy, Waitara East, St Joseph's, Westend)

7. Frock's on Bikes ride scheduled Sun 9 Nov as part of Garden Festival. Meet at Cricket Pavillion in Pukekura Park at 1.45. Tickets are $15 and include garden entry, food, champagne and music.

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