Minutes 3 Feb 2015

Minutes 3 Feb 2015

North Taranaki Cycle Advocates

3 February 2015


Present: Alan, Nigel, Joelle, Stuart

Apology: Graeme

Notetaker: Stuart


1. Joelle reported on an upcoming half day Road User Workshop to facilitate better understanding between truckees and cyclists and bus drivers and cyclists. The planned date for the workshop is 30 April 2015 10 am - 12.30 pm location to be announced. The workshop is being organised by Richard Barter, the director of CAN road user workshops.

2. Joelle also organised a recent meeting meeting about visibility issues. Graeme, Selwyn Brown and Peter Bennett (trustee with the NZ Cycle Fest) were also in attendance. The group agreed on a goal of publicising visibility issues at all major cycling events by having a truck or bus parked at the event and increasing cyclist awareness that truckees and bus drivers can't see cyclists in their blind spots. There are plans to have a a truck at the NZ Cycle Fest over Taranaki Anniversary Weekend.

3. Joelle reported that Nathaniel is organising a workshop for trucking managers.

4. Joelle reported that cycle skills training is fully booked for this school term and will start next week. The Motorua bikes in school project is presently stalled. There is a train the trainers workshop scheduled at Marfell, which has a new cycle track.

5. We discussed possible proposals to suggest for the Taranaki Regional Council long term plan, including a cycle trail extending from Whanganui to the round the mountain trail and from the round the mountain trail to Pukeiti.

6. Next meeting Wed 4 Mar.

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