March 4, 2009 MINUTES

March 4, 2009 MINUTES

Present:  Rowan, Stuart, Graeme, Alan, Nathaniel

Apologies:  Joanne

Follow-up discussion of implementing projects that were brainstormed at last month's meeting

1. Keeping NPDC and NZTA focused on essential infrastructure for safe cycling

o       1.5 metre gap campaign - Patrick (CAN) says NZTA is undertaking national campaign to promote the 1.5 metre gap for cyclists.  Nathaniel will follow up with CAN and ensure local campaign coordinates with CAN and NZTA.

o       Police lack of action on motorists who endanger cyclists - feedback they have given is they don't have man-hours to f/u complaints.  Stuart agreed to speak to Det. Grant Crawford and Constable Wendy Kitchener for advice on the best way to get assistance from police in dealing with motorists that throw bottles at us and otherwise endanger our safety.  Discussed possibility NTCA could keep their own records to see how many motorists are repeat offenders.  Graeme agreed to send out email to wider group informing members how to dial *555 and notify police website about dangerous drivers.  It was stressed police want the car make/model as well as the

o       Getting action from NZTA re: rural road widening and addressing cycle safety on blind hills and corners.

o       Monthly meeting of CSIT - Graeme agrees to continue to represent NTCA. 

o       Making direct contact with NZTA - Graeme will attempt to contact Maurice Mildenhall (the NZTA cycling champion for Taranaki based in Wanganui) and Alan will send through his Powerpoint presentation so we can send it to Maurice.  He will also ring Roger McCleary (in charge of road design for Devon West revision and underpass) and Ross McCoy (controls budget for Waiwhakaiho Bridge and Mangorei/Northgate intersection)

o       Responding to draft LTCCP - Nathaniel reports this comes out in April.

2. Promoting and participating in cycle related events

o       Sustainable Living Fair - Stuart will enquire about bicycle parking at Spotswood and send through an email to steering group.  Graeme/Nathaniel will collaborate on some type of display for the stall and Graeme will take charge of set up. 

o       Methenex Fun Ride (Mar 8th)

o       Dawson Falls Kaponga ride (Mar 8th)

o       NZ Cycling Conference (New Plymouth Nov 12-13)

o       CAN annual "do" Nov 14-15

o       World Unicycle Competition Dec 28th

o       Critical Mass Ride - Numbers were really low for the March ride though we had high visibility as Devon was closed for Americana.  Alan has posted the CM ride on STOS bulletin board and Graeme will try to circulate the dates at Transfield Worley.

3. Procuring some banners and permanent signs for public events. Who??

4. Public education re: need for pedestrians and cyclists to share foreshore shared path. Who??

Next meeting Wed April 1st, location Shell Todd Oil Services, Devon St West, Ground Floor.

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