Greater Wellington Annual Plan 2010/11 submission

Greater Wellington Annual Plan 2010/11 submission

Thank you for the opportunity to make this submission. Please contact me to arrange an oral presentation.

Patrick Morgan, tel 385 4967,


Cycling and walking
The Annual Plan does not include any clear provision for implementing the walking and cycling plans.

There are a number of important regional initiatives that need to be moved forward - the Great Harbour Way, the round Porirua Harbour walkway/cycleway, Porirua to Wellington walking and cycling routes, a regional route through the Hutt, etc.

There should also be a project for working with NZTA and councils to ensure that all their roading projects make adequate provision for walking and cycling.

CAW recommends that GW starts investing in carrying cycles on public transport, with an initial group of buses fitted with racks to use on specified services to places like the Makara Peak mountain bike park, Brooklyn hill and Khandallah.

We also urge GW to find a solution for carrying bicycles on trains at both peak and off-peak times.

CAW are keen to help advertise these services.

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Thursday 13 May, 1:30pm, by Patrick, at GW on Wakefield St. All welcome.

Marilyn Northcotte and Gerry Westhuis will ask Councillors for continued access for bikes on trains, and to trial bikes on buses.

It went well.

Marilyn demo-ed her folding bike. I think we now have an assurance that folding bikes will be permitted on buses and trains. Councillors loved this. Theatre works!

Gerry spoke about how important bike access to trains was for her commute from Paraparaumu.

We asked for a trial of bikes racks on buses.

We protested the cutting of the Share the Road campaign budget.

We spoke about CAW's 'Cruise the Waterfront' campaign. They liked this too.

A pretty easy way to present I must say...Thanks for the opportunity to further my own case, and also glad I could help. 

Response to your submission on Greater Wellington’s Annual Plan 2010/11

Thank you for your submission and interest in Greater Wellington’s Annual Plan 2010/11.

The Council received 123 written submissions and heard 28 oral presentations. Each submission was considered by the Annual Plan Hearing Committee during 12 and 13 May 2010. The Council adopted the Annual Plan on 29 June. The Annual Plan is now available on our website (, in Council offices and most libraries in the Wellington region.

As the Annual Plan has now been finalised, I am able to respond to the issues raised in your submission.

As you will be aware, Greater Wellington has a role in promoting cycling which is an important active mode of transport. The 2010/11 Annual Plan allocates $219,000 to facilitating walking and cycling initiatives, including the Cycling and Walking Journey Planner and the region’s Active Transport Forum. A further $153,000 is allocated to public awareness campaigns to promote sustainable transport choices, including cycling. However, Greater Wellington is not a road controlling authority and therefore the Annual Plan does not include funding for building cycle tracks or paths.

The carriage of cycles on buses is not a current priority for Greater Wellington, but will be looked at in future. There are operational difficulties with providing racks on buses for specific destinations as buses are not dedicated to specific routes. As you are aware from other correspondence from us, the policy for the carriage of cycles on trains is being developed and we look forward to input from CAW over the coming months.

Lastly could I thank you for the work undertaken by your organisation in promoting cycling in the region and also for your offer of assistance in advertising any new services. With your reach into the cycling community this is a very helpful offer and we well keep it in mind.

Thank you once again for taking the time to make a submission and for providing valuable input into the Council’s consultation and planning processes.