Cycle Aware Wellington AGM/meeting 6-7.30pm 1 May 2012 Library Bar, Wellington.

Cycle Aware Wellington AGM/meeting 6-7.30pm 1 May 2012 Library Bar, Wellington.

Present: Eleanor, Patrick, Brian, Frank, Sridhar, Isobel, James, Hilleke, Mike, Laura, Paul, Illona, Phaedra, Emma, Ashlee, Claire(Chair), Marilyn, Ash, Don, Nicole, Emma, Ben, Alastair

Claire noted that another venue was needed for the June meeting, the Go By Bike Day report had been received and would be circulated, and thanked the submission team for work on upcoming submissions.

2011 minutes - reviewed and approved.
Financial report [attached below] up to December 2011 presented. Illona reminded us that rules say financial report should be audited or independently reviewed. Moved James/Illona that financial report be approved - passed.
Tom has suggested that CAW swap banking from BNZ to Kiwibank, which enables online banking with 2 signatories as required by CAW rules. Moved Sridhar/Paul that banking be moved to Kiwibank, passed.
Emma presented membership report: stable at 64 current financial. Database has been migrated to CAN membership system. 153 website members, 153 Facebook, 535 friends of CAW email list. Sridhar suggested that we encourage members of friends of CAW email list, and Facebook members, to become full members.
Annual report presented by Claire. Noted: WCC reinstatement of cycling budget a big win. Submissions. Paul said that cyclists were the most numerous submitters on the Hutt Corridor Plan. Sridhar noted the increase in cyclist numbers - this should be promoted in submissions. Isobel is starting a twitter account to promote cycling.
Brian suggested we campaign for a cyclovia - event where streets are closed to motorised traffic. Maybe piggy back on an existing closure, such as triathlon or Santa parade.

Committee (Gilbert no longer continuing):
Chair: Claire Pascoe
Treasurer: Tom Halliburton
Submissions team: James Burgess, Phaedra Upton, Sridhar Ekambaram
Membership secretary: Emma Roache
Minutes secretary: Alastair Smith
SASTRG reps: David Laing, Illona Keenan
Active transport forum reps: Craig Lucena, Tom Halliburton, Laura McKim, Ben Jeffares
Other committee member: Brian Wolfman

Moved Marilyn, Hilleke that the proposed  committee be elected - approved.

Hikurangi Foundation Cycle Tour of NZ
Ashlee Gross from the Hikurangi founation spoke. Hikurangi is a climate change charity, which funds innovatve sustainable projects. Tour of NZ cycle race had Hikurangi as one of official charities, raising a fund (approx $10 000) for innovative cycling projects. A public launch will be announced.

Research on cycling uptake.
Laura McKim described her reserach for her VUW Masters in environmental studies: "Commuting without polluting". Looked at how income, population density etc impact on walking/cycling. Found that population density is one of the most important factors. Policy implication is that we should permit people to live in dense population areas because this is where sustainable transport is most effective. Laura may present her research at a cycling/walking conference, and make available online through VUW.

WCC Cycle lights campaign
Emma Hope, sustainable transport coordinator at WCC, described plans for check point promotions, giving out lights to non-lit cyclists. Would like to have CAW people at checkpoints to give out information etc. Collected volunteers names.

GWRC cycle lights test
Claire said that Simon Kennett has updated the GWRC cycle lights test and discount vouchers were given out (also available from GWRC).

Three major submissions coming up:
GWRC Regional land transp programme: need to bring forward Ngauranga/Petone cycle route to complete in 3 years. Need to increase numbers of submissions.
GWRC long term plan: bikes on buses, bring forward timing.
WCC: long term plan: preserve cycling budget, need more resources to achieve target of 50% of people perceiving cycling as safe - proportion actually dropping. Encourage oral submissions. Have a coaching session.
Hutt: Tom and Hutt cycle group are submitting.

Rants & raves:
On behalf of Simon Kennett: a small Cook Island has spent $0.75M on MTB trails - compare this with the Wellington cycling budget!
Brian: described the problems his partner had negotiating the inner city bypass to the basin reserve.
Don: Newtown residents preparing submission to extend lower speed limit area.
Mike: injured, hasn't been able to bike. Significant impact on his outlook!
Ben: left a locked bike on street for 2 weeks - completely safe. But noted lack of bike racks in suburban centres, e.g. Kilbirnie, Aro valley. Report to
James: Recommended Cherry Bomb rear lights - have a good random flashing mode. 1st= in GWRC test.
Marilyn: will be delivering cycle skills training at Porirua Police College.


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