CAW submission on removal of parking at Balaena Bay for Evans Bay cycle lane

CAW submission on removal of parking at Balaena Bay for Evans Bay cycle lane

WCC are calling for submissions on parking, in particular the removal of parking at Balaena Bay, so that cycle lanes continue through  this area.

CAW submission

This is an important parking resolution change as it fixes a gap in what should be one of Wellington's best cycle facilities.The increase of week day cyclists and the need to complete the cycle lane around the Bays makes this change essential, and contributes significantly to the implementation of WCC's Cycling Policy.  Making this facility safer and more convenient improves the existing cycle network by closing a significant gap in the network. Since there is adequate off street parking nearby, motorists are not disadvantaged.

Evans Bay is also a popular weekend and lunchtime recreational cycle route.  The cycle counts given in the report do not include this.  However anecdotal evidence suggests that increases in recreational cyclist numbers have exceeded the increases in commuter cyclist numbers.  The provision of a continuous cycle lane particularly  benefits those cyclists that are less confident in an on road and heavy traffic environment. 

The planned maintenance closure of the Mount Victoria tunnel in the 2010/2011 summer means that there will be increased traffic around Evans Bay at a time when the route is popular with both commuting and recreational cyclists, so it is important that a safe continuous cycle facility is established.

Balaena Bay is a section of the Great Harbour Way, a pedestrian and cycle facility around Wellington Harbour.  Fixing the gap at Balaena Bay will mean that there is a continuous cycle facility from Miramar to the Waterfront, a significant portion of the Great Harbour Way. 

CAW strongly supports this resolution.

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Make an online submission here before 30 July. It takes 2 minutes.

If you like the proposal, you could add comments such as:
I support this proposal.
It closes an obvious gap in the cycling lane along this gorgeous route.
There is adequate off-street parking nearby.
The proposal is consistent with WCC's 2008 Cycling Policy.
Please ensure the lane is wide enough and well-marked.

Your support counts. Thanks.