CAW minutes November 2011

CAW minutes November 2011

Present: Claire Pascoe (chair), Isobel Cairns, Brian Wolfman, James Burgess, Phaedra Upton, Emma Roache, Hilleke Doevendans, Patrick Morgan, Mike Townsend, Aaron H, Craig Lucena, Vegard Bakke, Gilbert Sanséau, Marjolein, Alastair Smith (minutes)

Election Candidates:
Paul Foster-Bell (National)
Gareth Hughes (Greens)
Grant Robinson (Labour)

Each candidate spoke for 3 minutes, then responded to questions:

  • Financial assistance rates to local bodies for cycling projects: Greens favour 100%, Labour prepared to go to 75%
  • Government investment in roading for cars, rather than cycing.
  • Fringe benefit tax exemption for employers who provide bikes to staff
  • Penalty for careless use of a motor vehicle (Section 38 of Land Transport Act) - penalty too low. Greens would like to send to select committee.
  • Strict liability for vehicle accidents. Greens have private members bill in pipeline which would introduce a road hierarchy.
  • More demanding driver license regime


Go by Bike Day
Marjolein/Revolve will be organising. Funding: $5000 requested from WCC, $4000 from GWRC, some from CAW. Queens Wharf under Sails booked for 1 Feb. May need to get signs changed. Hilleke offers to redesign. General discussion of activities: skills courses, competition between bike types, get politicians on bikes.

CAW funds
We have about $6000, so discussed possible projects: promoting Island Bay route, sponsoring bike parking, invest in temporary bike parking at events (as done by VACC in Vancouver), branding/promotional material, ways to thank good driving behaviour, encourage cycle friendly businesses. Online survey on what to spend money on?

Kaiwharawhara Metlink pole/bus stop outside Animates.Obstruction to cycle path. Ron McGann has raised as an issue, Simon Kennett is negotiating for bus stop to be moved/modified. Alastair will write letter to WCC/GWRC supporting efforts to resolve issue.

Christmas Party/meeting 6 December. Awards for best cycling businesses, facilities, etc. Patrick to show photos of study tour.


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