CAW Minutes 3 September 2013

CAW Minutes 3 September 2013

Venue: Sustainability Trust

Present: James (Chair), Peter, Matthew, Patrick, Tom, Christina, Jill, Alex, Paul, Claire, Ron, Tim, Alastair (minutes)

Love cycling campaign

Jill talked about the campaign to influence local eletions, stressing a positive image of cycling. Aims are a cycle friendly city, $5M cycling budget.

Website has been established, aiming to be inclusive, emphasising family biking. 

Petition has a target of 3 000 signatures.

We discussed ways of reporting candidates "cycle friendliness". Will put together a set of questions and summarise on website, e.g. How much should the cycling budget be, should we remove parking to provide bike lanes, what would you do to encourage cycling. Wellingtonista has included questions on walking and cycling in their candidate survey.

Corflute signs with Love Cycling logo have been made that can be put on bikes, or used as bike plates. 

Agreed that CAW will fund campaign up to $500. 

Frocks on Bikes

Christina reported on Frocks initiatives. 

Parking day (20 Sept): WCC have given Frocks permission to use two parking spaces on Cuba St. Volunteers required - contact Christina

Wheel stylish. Date to be decided, early November. Agreed that CAW will contribute $500 to costs.

Love to roll: 14 February (Valentines day).

Ciclovia on Miramar Peninsula

Alastair has suggested a GHW/CAW initiative to apply for a road closure on the Miramar peninsula one Sunday in the summer, opening the route to cyclists, walkers, etc.  Alex, Ron, and Claire offer to help.

Petone roundabout

Tom reported on discussions with Hutt City. Roundabout (scene of a serious bike accident) has an estimated life of 10 years, so HCC is only doing limited improvement: mainly a 120 mm high separator between bike lane and road lane. CAW will do a press release when installed. 

Breakaway Festival of Cycling

Patrick distributed programmes for this excellent September Upper Hutt bike festival, organised by Natalie of UHCC. 

Bicycle Level of Service (BLOS) 

James reported on this WCC project: Opus will survey 19 key routes, using slightly tweaked versions of existing methodologies to rate routes, identify worst sections, and inform future improvements. Doesn't include CBD. 

Cycle risk project

James reported on this WCC funded project lead by Howard Markland. Volunteer cyclists will ride routes with helmet cameras. This will complement the Opus study, providing finer grained information about routes. 

Island Bay cycle route meeting

Patrick reported on a meeting at Island Bay 21 August to discuss the Island Bay to CBD cycle route. Attracted 70 people including 9 candidates. Newtown, Berhampore were identified as the real issue. But it is worth pressing for Copenhagen Lane on southern end of route rather than green paint, to create demand for a high quality route. Suggested that another meeting be held, closer to town.

Green Party's Smart Transport Vision for Wellington 

James presented at this event - see PDF attached to these minutes.


Basin Bridge Environmental Protection Authority inquiry There are concerns that the cycle route width has been compromised. Patrick will follow up. 

Public Transport spine Study. James and Eleanor working on CAW submission. Concerns: how Bus Rapid Transport will affect cycling facilities, particularly Island Bay to CBD route.

Personal stories are good in personal submissions. 

Go By Bike Day

Claire could organise with Ash. Will apply for funding. 

Rants and Raves

Claire: Spring to the Street is starting

Matthew: Should have signs advising cyclists to take lane in tunnels. Will take up with Paul Barker at WCC.

Ron: New road improvements in Miramar, not taking opportunity to add cycle infrastruture.

Matthew: going to Manawatu cycle group meeting, planning to set up Horowhenua group.

James: less enamoured of puncture proof tyres, having lost skin from hand removing one.

Alastair: had an incident when positioned in front of car as lights changed and car moved off. This could have implications for safety of advanced stop boxes.

Ron: noted improvement to Basin Reserve cycle route.

Patrick: Spring Bike Ride attracted about 60 people.

Patrick: Ticketing for awesome bikes? Pat will make happen. 

Claire: Applying for funding to research US cycle projects.

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