CAW minutes 1 July 2014

CAW minutes 1 July 2014


James (chair), Alex, Frank, Peter, Sridhar, Laura, Tom, Elaine, Derek, Ron, Hilleke, Eleanor, Ian, Phaedra, Brian, Patrick, Dolores, Andy, Alastair (minutes)

Latest news from Island Bay-CBD and Miramar/Kilbirnie project consultation

There has been a move to slow down the process, requiring approval at Council level rather than at Transport and Urban Development Committee. 

CAW is trying to provide good quality information; have talked to businesses, reassured them about impact of cycle way.

Wakefield Park to John St: CAW has made presentation to citizens panel: Didn't push any specific route, instead identifying the values that the route should meet: the route(s) should be fair, connected, effective, and accessible. Discussed different personas and how they would use the routes. 

Ron suggests getting publicity on success of Tawa shared path.

Ideas for ways the Police can help make cycling safer - via David at the last SASTRG meeting


  • target cars intruding into advance stop boxes
  • target parking in cycle lanes
  • allocate more resources to investigate accidents involving bikes
  • target red light running (cars and bikes)
  • get cops on bikes (revive police/bike workshops?)
  • target dangerous overtaking behaviour: overtaking then turning across cyclist path, not following road 1.5m code guideline, overtaking in path of oncoming traffic.
  • educate cyclists about best position on road
Submissions campaign on the transport funding 'Govt Policy Statement' 

Draft focusses on cars and trucks, rather than public and active transport. CAW (and CAN) will be submitting, but individual submissions are valuable. Check the CAN submission guide for inspiration. 

Pre-election campaign 

Being prepared: get responses from local candidates (electorate and list), get list of emails etc to lobby candidates

interesting stuff from the Velo-City conference

Alastair reprised his Cycling in Wellington post on the conference. Patrick added that conference was not just about bikes, but about liveable cites and urban mobility. 


James: saw movie Human Scale, great!

Hilleke: has a bigger garage so acquiring more bikes!

Tom: Hutt City is increasing cycling budget, using to improve Hutt river trail. Upper Hutt is spending $590k on rail corridor path Silverstream to CBD, will be useful to commuters.

Brian: Had a close call with a bus in Johnsonville; James says Johnsonville Triangle Project may improve things.

Alex: raved on Island Bay Cycleway

Derek: Problem of cyclists attempting to cross Western Hutt Road to get to Belmont Hill Road: traffic light in 100km/hr area, many red light runners, including fast cyclists.

Photos and notes from a cycling trip in Cuba 

Phaedra recounted her Cuban cycling adventures: empty roads, old cars, historic architecture. Took Alastair back to his 1999 trip.


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