CAW June 4th meeting Minutes

CAW June 4th meeting Minutes

Minutes CAW meeting Tuesday 4th June Library Bar:

Present: Eleanor, Phaedra, Tom, Sridhar, Jill, James, Frank, Simon, Patrick, Mark, Don, Brian, Alastair

Follow up on the Cycling Forum - Pat. Indicated an unparalled level of interest in improving cycling in Wellington. We have invited councillors to come to meetings but nothing has been arranged yet.

Eleanor reported back on our submission to GWRC - generally very positive with an understanding in council of what we need. James: WCC submission, in general interest from the councillors. There will be an amendment to the draft budget to add $500k to the budget for cycling. Parking vs cycling is going to be an issue we need to address. Pat is going to chat to the Newtown Residents Association about parking.

Consulting - Our Capital Spaces: Have your say
closes July 9th. Suggestion that we look at tracks which link commuting routes. Question of should we do a poll to ask who uses what tracks for commuting etc.

Follow up on Planning Meeting had by committee (19 May)
Came up with a list of things we want to focus on, now need to develop into action plans etc
1. Raise the game following on from the cycling forum
2. Involve business, councillors, CEOs
3. Two key routes, Island Bay to CBD and Thorndon to Petone
4. More media coverage, more slick PR, look for people to help out with sketches etc
5. increasing influence on councillors/MPs, local body elections coming up
6. making the most of CAN and supporting CAN

CAN strategy meeting in June. Follow up from annual meeting a few months ago. Planning - committee and reps of regional groups. Alastair, Tom and Phaedra will represent Wellington/Hutt Valley. Will address how to share effort b/w campaigning, supporting groups and national lobbying.
Velo City Conference in Vienna. We helped support Christina from Frocks on Bikes. Will ask if she can attend a couple of sessions of interest to us and invite her to a meeting when she gets back.
Melling to Aotea Quay - NZTA is tendering for $90k study for the Melling to Aotea Quay after realising that Petone to Ngaraunga wouldn't solve the problem. WE were not involved in writing the specs for the study. Why isn't there a cycling person on the steering group? We are the key stakeholders. Will try to get more involved, talk to Andy Forster and ?Trevor Mallard.

SUSTRAG update:
community grants - apply for these, Pat and Hilleke are applying for one to promote the friendly cyclists videos.
discussion of lack of uptake for pedal ready schemes for school kids and why schools don't want their pupils cycling.
Our role is to promote safe cycling routes

Advance Stop Boxes: They have been implemented badly by WCC, going to be fixed up. Disappointing. Discussion of education campaign for motorists, to help them understand why cyclists deserve that priority at lights. Also Go Wellington bus drives - James recounted an incident of a bus pushing up into the stop box to get ahead of a cyclist.

Sustainable Business Group: Sridhar has been in touch with the coordinator. She is happy to open a few doors for us to talk to businesses and organisations with a sustainability policy e.g., NZ Post, BNZ, Meridan Energy. We are initially going to be on the mailing list, prepare an article for their newsletter and plan to give a presentation to one of their meetings.

Brief discussion of electronic communications. We have 5 methods: CAN/CAW website and email, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo groups - friends and discuss. Have decided to get rid of Yahoo-discuss.

Rants and Raves:
Don - put info@caw... email address onto the Newtown Residents Association mailing list
Mark - hello from Celia who he had just been meeting with
Pat - he attended the largest gathering of folding bikes in NZ, 14 people on 13 folding bikes
Alastair - has ordered 2 folding bikes which they will pick up in Paris for a cycling holiday.

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