CAW August meeting minutes

CAW August meeting minutes

Present: Claire, Brian, Reuben, Phaedra, Isoble, Luke, Jonathan, Don, Harrison, Tom, Jame, Willemijn, James, MIke, HIlleke, Patrick, Frank, Nicole, Marilyn, assortment of Massey students. 

CAW committee planning meeting

The committee got together to discuss priorities and activities for the year. Main ideas were to focus on small fixes/improvements that we could collect and send to council to action. We will encourage people to send us their ideas (with photos) for getting things fixed - some initial thoughts were:

  • finding more spots for shared paths (especially slow, uphill riding), 
  • making better use from Fran Wilde walkway by the stadium for connection to the waterfront, 
  • opening up Bunny St to bikes 
  • more improvements to Hutt Rd shared path. 
Other priorities were building relationships with other organisations - eg. health sector, AA and train guards, running a 'ride out from parked doors' campaign, holding a Big Bike Fix Up and Go By Bike Day, promoting Roll on Wellington awards, continuing to advocate through submissions and communicating with members via social media and emails. 

Extra idea from Pat Morgan - have fun riding our bikes together!!! 
Isobel suggested we keep an eye on temporary Buckle St plans during trench building for effects on cyclists. 
Frank suggested lowering bus speeds might be something for CAW to work on. 

Windy Wheels
This is CAW's newsletter that hasn't been written for a while. Mike, Hilleke and Isobel agreed to resurrect it quarterly,. 

Roll on Wellington awards.
Category ideas for 2012: Best infrastructure, worst infrastructure, best intersection, most friendly train guard, most cycle friendly cafe/business, most cycle friendly employer, best cycle story, best social ride destination.
Awards to be held in December - nominations will come out in early November.

Women's cycling festival 
A proposal for CAW to contribute $500 in funding to the Women's Cycling Festival held in Wellington this Labour weekend was raised by Claire, seconded by Phaedra and approved by members. CAW will host the 'Bike WOF' part of the festival - more details, including programme to come. 

NZTA focus groups for Petone to Ngauranga solution
Phaedra attended last week and NZTA has suggested using bendy poles to separate the shoulder from Petone to Horokiwi cycle path to allow for bidirectional traffic as an interim solution. Road cyclists concerned about effects on them. Also concerns that this may turn into the permanent solution and reduce pressure for building something long-term. 
Level crossing estimated to be same price as overbridge ($1million) but Tom questions this as Trentham was only $100,000 for level crossing. Claire to attend another focus group next week. 

Friendly cyclist videos
World premiere of these fabulous videos was received very warmly by the crowd. Dom Post article and lots of buzz on Facebook has seen the videos get over 5000 views! Go Mike and Hilleke (and Sarah, Pat and Marilyn and everyone else who helped!)

See the videos and do the EXAMINATION here:




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