CAW AGM Minutes, 4 May 2010

CAW AGM Minutes, 4 May 2010

WCC Offices, 6 pm

Present: Alastair Smith, Mark Coburn, Nicola Gaston, Janie Cook, Julian Boorman, Dion O'Neale, Teresa Maguire, Marjolein Ros, Ashley Burgess, Claire Pascoe, Patrick Morgan (CAN), Illona Keenan, John Dunn (Ministry of Tourism), Liz Fenwick (Ministry of Tourism), Yvonne Weeber, Simon Kennett, John Randal, David Young, Bruce Spedding, Tom Halliburton, Richard Bahn, Jane Dawson, Paula Warren, Emma Rouche.

Apologies: Paul Bruce, Liz Thomas, Robert Ibell

Minutes of previous meeting
Accepted as a fair account (moved by Dion O'Neale, seconded Nicola Gaston, carried)

Chair's report (Ilona Keenan)
5 great events as highlight of the year:

  • Go by bike day

  • Love to Roll

  • Fun cycle ride to Wairarapa

  • 350 frocks on bikes round the harbour

  • Obcycle course

Also: Lower Speed Limits around Wellington, and Thorndon Quay clearway are great successes. Ilona thanked all office holders for 2009 and Patrick from CAN for support.

Membership report (Teresa Maguire)
Currently about 100 members, 40 to renew so 65 current up-to-date. Many come through CAN due to online process - nothing wrong with this.

Treasurer's report (Janie Cook)
Last 5 years constant membership. Healthy accounts, the predominant expense being Chainlinks which is considered worthwhile.

Claire Pascoe moved that the 2009 financial report be accepted, seconded by Yvonne Weeber and carried.

Election of Officers:

Chair: Ilona Keenan

Secretary - Communications: Alastair Smith

Secretary - Membership: Emma Roache

Secretary - Minutes: Nicola Gaston

Treasurer: John Randal

Submissions: Alastair Smith and Yvonne Weeber

Windy Wheels: Claire Pascoe

Webmaster: Claire Pascoe

GW reps: Craig Lucena and Tom Halliburton

WCC reps: David Laing

No volunteers to work on events and the coordination of volunteers - to happen on a case by case basis.

Simon Kennett moved that we vote all these people into their positions at once - Julian Boorman seconded and this was carried.

The formal part of the meeting ended at 6:40.

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