CAW agenda for 6 August 2013 - *at Sustainability Trust*

CAW agenda for 6 August 2013 - *at Sustainability Trust*

We'll be at our new venue - the Sustainability Trust on Forrester's Lane, just around the corner from Library bar, off Tory St. Plentiful bike parking right outside! 


Intros (and approve minutes)

Councillor candidate 'quick pitch': Hayley Robinson and Peter Gilberd 

Howard Markland's Cycle risk ranking project - Alastair

Planned roading changes in Johnsonville - James

Submission wanted on Wellington's Future Public Transport Spine Options - Patrick

Green Party challenge to Police - 1.5m and enforcement - all [1.5m discussed back in Oct 2009]

How tackling safety problems can coexist with promoting the fun and benefits of cycling
(inc Ghost bikes discussion) - James

Our Capital Spaces submissions - Eleanor

Cycling photos from Tanzania/Kenya trip - Jill

Cameron Smith's bike culture video project - Cameron

Island Bay - CBD cycling route update - Patrick

Small fixes - James

Rants and raves - all


Beer note: They don't have beer but we are welcome to BYO - James will pick some up if he gets a chance, and if you bring some along we can arrange some sort of koha thingy...







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