WCC call for submissions on reduced speed limits in CBD

WCC call for submissions on reduced speed limits in CBD


WCC are calling for submissions on reducing speed limits on Courtenay Place, Manners Street, some side streets and lower Cuba Street.. Do you want to help prepare/present a submission?

Do you have views/arguments - add them to the discussion.

Submissions close 16 July

Wellington City Council would like your views on lowering the speed limit on Courtenay Place, Manners Street, some side streets and lower Cuba Street.

Lowering the speed limit would:

  • improve pedestrian - and cycling - safety
  • reduce severity of any crashes
  • better reflect actual vehicle speeds through these busy shopping and entertainment areas.

If community support is strong for the proposals, the new speed limits may be introduced in early 2011.


In 2006, we lowered the speed limit from 50 km/h to 30 km/h along parts of the Golden Mile. This worked well and reduced the severity of crashes. We would like to see similar safety gains along the rest of the Golden Mile.

The area has a high incidence of road crashes. Over five years (2005/09), there were 298 crashes reported on these roads and 59 people were injured. Forty-one of the crashes involved a pedestrian.

Courtenay Place, Manners Street & Side Streets

There are complex intersections along Courtenay Place and Manners Street. Motorists travelling on side streets need to know in advance that they are entering or leaving an area with slower speeds.

Therefore, we propose also lowering the speed on small sections of several of the side streets. This would give drivers warning to lower their speed through these intersections, improving safety for everyone using them.

More: http://wellington.govt.nz/haveyoursay/publicinput/2010-06lowerspeed.html

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* Lower speeds has many benefits: less noise, fewer crashes, less severe crashes, more attractive to walkers and people on bikes, better for retailers, visitors and residents
* Area-wide traffic calming delivers more benefits than micro-calming such as Thorndon Quay
* The default urban speed limit of 50 km/h is generally too high and speed limits should be 30 km/h for town centres and most urban local streets.
* Traffic calming measures should be introduced to reduce speeds where necessary.
* Road user education should be implemented with a "share the road"  emphasis.

I've drafted a submission on the reduced speed limits proposal - please add your own views either in the document, or as comments.