Trucks Stopping On Cycle Lanes

Trucks Stopping On Cycle Lanes




Todays I was outside Manukau Toyota and a car transport truck stopped and loaded cars from Manukau Toyota onto the truck.


Parking on Great South Rd on a broken "No Parking" yellow line and a Cycling Lane, so I pointed this out to the truck driver and he told me he was allowed to park there because he was special.


I went into Manukau Toyota and ask a tall sales man in a white shirt did he know that a truck loading cars from their car lot was doing so while breaking the law he told me he parks there all the time and why don't I go and tell him and walked away.


I rang the trucking company and the man said he didn't know if it was illegal to park on a main road where there was broken yellow lines, I asked him what was he going to do about it he said indignantly "I have Noted it"


So I have no doubt it will continue until a cyclist gets squashed adult or child


Or goes on Campbell Live.


What is the point in having a law, painting broken yellow lines and a cyclist lane on the road if people just ignore them ?


"People !"


What are the parking rules?


As a quick reference, these are some of the places you must not park, stop your vehicle, set down or pick up passengers:


    Broken yellow lines


Mike  : )


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