The Ngauranga Triangle Strategic Study

The Ngauranga Triangle Strategic Study


I read the summary of the Ngauaranga Triangle Strategic Study this morning and was really impressed with how well cycling is considered along with pedestrians. It was really balanced - not just about cars.

Even in the summary there is a lot to read but the highlights as I see are:

1. The tawa interchange is the top priority but right at number two (of the eight or so recommendations is a 3m wide cycleway down Middleton Road between Johnsonville and Tawa. This will apparently allow the cycle use to double to 300 a day.

2. At number 4 in priority is cycling between the Petone and Nguaranga. They proposed create the first part of the 4m wide Great Harbour Way for 400m before a bridge links back over to the existing path at Horokiwi. They mention that if this proves popular they can then look at extending it. They will need to improve the surface and drainage of the existing track for this to work but don't mention it.

3. Next in line is a pedestrian and cycle link between Petone and Korokoro Reserve, "Beach to Bush". Yeah.

4. Last on the list is the construction of the cross valley link which will take heavy traffic away from Petone.

There is a lot of stuff in this report. A lot of good stuff but also a lot of detail to so through with things like the Petone Grenada Link.

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