Suggested cycle/road safety improvement - Hataitai (Taurima Street)

Suggested cycle/road safety improvement - Hataitai (Taurima Street)


Sent: Monday, 29 November 2010 9:40 p.m.
Subject: Suggested cycle/road safety improvement - Hataitai (Taurima Street)


I would like to make a suggestion of a very small road marking change that
could drastically improve the safety of cyclists approaching the Mt Vic
tunnel from the Hataitai side.

The specific location is on Taurima Street (did not even know it was called
that until I just looked now on Google maps!) here:

As cyclists approach head up the slight slope towards the tunnel, they need
to cross over the traffic lane, to then be able to ride onto the footpath on
the right, and along the footpath into the tunnel

At peak hour morning traffic times, the traffic towards the tunnel is
normally "stationary". This means cyclists coming from Hataitai generally
ride up the centre line outside the line of the cars, and then "cross over"
to the footpath once they get past the bollards on the footpath that stop
cyclists coming down the footpath past the entrance to the Kindy.

The Centre line from the intersection at Moxham Ave is currently painted
with a "cross hatched centre".

I'd like to suggest that the centre line is widened to form a central space
that cyclists can ride up, and then safely cross over once they get past the

.and they can safely see no cars are exiting the tunnel and making a left
turn towards Hataitai.

Worst case, a small slice of the island by the give way sign may need to be
taken off to make room for cars, but watching traffic in the morning in this
area, I think if the lines were painted as suggested, there would still be
enough room without making any physical changes apart from some paint.

Would be interested to hear thoughts on this idea.

Ross Petherick



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sounds reasonable, but, there would also need to be NO PARKING in front of the curb-cut. some bikes/riders can hop a curb; some can't. of course, as it is there should be NO PARKING within two car-lengths of the curb-cut.

can anyone explain the purpose of the bollards? they can't be good for anyone in a wheelchair! of course if they were removed, then cyclists could enter the footpath at the intersection of moxham ave, and modification of the street or motor vehicle traffic would not be required.

also, for anyone riding through the tunnel:

  • SLOW DOWN when passing pedestrians or other bikes
  • RING YOUR BELL when approaching pedestrians from behind
  • RING YOUR BELL when entering and exiting the tunnel - these are BLIND CORNERS
  • be READY TO STOP when entering and exiting the tunnel - BLIND CORNERS
  • a FRONT BLINKY makes a big difference in the tunnel, letting others know you're coming