SHARROW - the shared road arrow

SHARROW - the shared road arrow


The shared lane marking or shared road arrow has come to be known as a Sharrow. A Sharrow improves safety for cyclists by indicating where they should ride in the lane to avoid hazards like the opening doors of parked cars. A Sharrow also shows drivers where in the lane to expect cyclists.

The scourge of cyclists in New Zealand are drivers who think cycles should not be on the road and show it with their aggressive, homicidal driving. The Sharrow encourages cyclists and drivers to share the road safely.

The Sharrow has been used successfully in the USA since 1993, and after much study, was officially adopted by the Federal Highway Administration in 2009. The Sharrow is also used in Canada and Australia.

While separated cycle lines or on-road cycle lanes provide greater safety than a Sharrow for cyclists, they are also much more expensive to implement requiring wider roads and more paving. The Sharrow can increase safety for cyclists on New Zealand's narrow roads easily and with low cost.

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