Safety For Cyclists

Safety For Cyclists


There are 2 fundarmental matters that CAN need to address

1 The new Road Strips on the side of the road. Transport N.Z is putting these on most roads to wake motorists up when they nod off driving. What they have now addressed is the effect these have on cyclists doing training or racing. Tri & road bikes have 20mm road tyres with pressure up to 140psi and when you hit one of these it causes your tyre to blow and causes steering problems going across them.

This is a serrious safety concern as one day a cyclist will come off in the path of a car or truck and be run over. Transit N.Z are not interested when this is raised with them. Hopefully CAN can voice our concerns


2 All country roads need a large verge so Cyclists can sefely train without the fear of trucks and cars hitting them from behind. Prime roas is Ronotea Road There is no room to get off the road and a lot of cyclists use this road for training.

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While I agree that the rumble strips are horrible to cycle on, or near, their introduction may not be quite as bad as it could first seem.

I believe that the NZ Transport Agency plan is to introduce these only along major highways and that their installation will make some allowances for cyclists. Specifically, the strips will only be introduced where there is a sealed verge of a minimum distance (1.5m was the figure mentioned) and the strips will change to normal white paint some distance before any road features that would require cyclists to cross the strip. E.g. 20-30m before a bridge or where the verge narrows. Hopefully, the benefit to cyclists (and others) from keeping inattentive drivers awake and in their lane will be greater than the problems caused by introducing the rumble strips.

The problem of the strips causing tyres to pop is one I haven't heard of before. (My road bike has had flats from about everything else, but not from rumble strips --- maybe there is a new experience waiting for me.)