Registration of Bicycle

Registration of Bicycle


Registration of Bicycle to ride on New Zealand Roads.

Are we Cyclist riding for free. Do we contribute to the financial cost to our marked side of the asphalt. Yes we do want our own lanes, signs, lights, to be kept apart, away, separated from motor vehicles.  I hear a lot of people say that we cyclist don't contribute to the financial burden of maintaining roads...yes certainly motor vehicles are expensive to run, maintain, service. Building and maintaining roads cause havoc on our ecosystems, drains, streams, rivers, fish etc, air quality, just to name a few. 

If we desire state-of-the-art cycle-ways with all the trimmings, may-be we too pay something towards this. 

Love your feedback on this...

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Public - accessible to all site users has the info on this; it's a myth that cycling doesn't pay its way