real estate open homes

real estate open homes


it can be a bit dodgy passing an "open home" especialy over the w/end with the agents car parked out front on the road with thier bloody flag anchored on a pole fixed under the outside wheel sticking out a foot or so into the road then the flag blowing out horizontal another couple of feet. Some might say it is typical of the arogant selfish estate agent ,but i coulnd posibley comment! in saying that the more thoughfull ones seem to be using the tow bar or the kerbside wheel to fix the pole. Are they aware of the danger they pose ? or do they not g.a.f   ?

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Good point.  Agents also regularly park on the footpath - got to make room for cars!

Put your point to CAN legal and also get in touch with your local council - they may have policy on this


Hi John,

Councils are responsible for parking infringements. Have you tried your council?

If there's a safety risk they seem to give these issues more priority.

See if your local council has a similar reporting system Online Issue Notification Form