Need advice on laws to cycling

Need advice on laws to cycling


Just wanting to know what the laws are around cyclist and speed,  Do we abide by speed rules like other road users?

Also if i am travelling faster than the car in frount of me am i allowed to  pass them and on which side of their vehicle do i pass


I got myself in to a bit of a pickle with a motorist who pulled out in frount of me as i was overtaking a car on the inside and the motorist who pulled out hit me or i hit her rather,  She pulled out of a side street and was supposed to give way,  She had enough time before the car to go but as i was passing that car at that particurlar time she can't of seen me,  I can't help but think this is my own fault for not knowing the information i needed to know before giving cycling a go this has hindered my desire to jump back on a bike at all Was i in the wrong and what can i do next time?

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1) Speed rules - yes, they apply to all.

2) Passing cars - yes, you can *overtake*, i.e. pass on the right.

3) Undertaking (passing on the left). This question relates to the diaphanous cycle lane...

Imaginary Q&A with LTNZ:

Q: in a no overtaking zone can a motor car pass a cyclist?
A: Of course, anything else would be stupid! The cyclist is in the cycle "lane" to the left of the car, so technically this is not overtaking!

Q: so a cyclist can pass on the left of a car as they're in a separate "lane"?
A: Of course not, they would be stupid! That "lane" only exists if it is the car passing the cyclist! Why do you think it is called diaphanous?

3) Redux: no you cannot legally undertake unless you are in a different lane, just as in a car.


There is an exception to that rule: you can legally overtake/undertake on the LH side in the same lane (i.e. no cycle lane present) IF the vehicle you are passing is stationary.

I imagine that this rule was dreamed up for passing vehicles stopping to turn right. Cyclists however encounter this situation a lot when adjacent motor traffic is heavily congested and cyclists are able to travel faster than them.

BUT if traffic is "stop-start" then technically the cyclist's ability to legally overtake on the left is "start-stop" (which causes problems if there is a crash). Practically speaking this is a nonsense, but we haven't been able to sort out this ambiguity with NZTA or the Police yet.

Short answer: in congested traffic circumstances, overtaking on the left even without a cycle lane should be OK, but keep an eye out for turning/crossing traffic as the Police may cite a technicality in case of a crash.

Yes, the "lane" is diaphanous ;-)

There must be an exception (whether its been formalized is a different matter) for those wide inside left/straight lanes at intersections - vehicles can pass on the left when intending to turn.

Thankyou so much i will give it another go more informed this time.