Los Angeles to Get 1,680 Miles of Interconnected Bikeways

Los Angeles to Get 1,680 Miles of Interconnected Bikeways

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...although reading the details, effectively what this is saying is that a city with the population of NZ is going to build ~60km of cycleways a year for the next 35 years. I suspect that NZ's planned cycleway works aren't too dissimilar...

Completely agree with you Glen! The only thing I will point is to looking from another perspective, NZ's planned cycleway you are referring to is for the whole country - I don't dispute that. But LA's plan is just for LA city, not for the whole state of California.

Sure one argument will be that the population of LA justifies spending so much money for the whole city, but then NZ cities are not so large either and connecting different parts of say Auckland, Wgtn or Chch together shouldn't cost as much as what LA is spending on its own.

my 2 pence worth comments!

Actually I was referring to ALL of our cycleways - urban cycle lanes, cycle paths, NZ Cycle Trail, etc. And, like LA City Council, most of this is being done by our local councils.

It's probably tougher for us however as our population is more spread out. So while LA is putting a cycle network in across its 1300 sq.km, our three biggest cities alone cover twice that in urban area and the whole country is 200 times bigger. The net effect is that we don't have as many $/capita to spend on things including cycleways. And we have even fewer $ when so many are spent on Roads of National Significance...