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I’ve been pondering this very question for some time. “What would happen ‘IF’ my Bicycle,  my only form of transport were to be taken, run off with, or that grinding word…’STOLEN’. Some clown decides to cut the lock, make a break & walk off with my bike.

Well I put this forward to  CAN Cycling Action Network team just this past week. After researching the internet & asking the following questions I came up with some findings:

  1. How do I register my bicycle?
  2. Where do I register my bicycle?
  3. Who do I register my bicycle with in New Zealand?
  4. Where is a Site on the Internet who specialises with registration, lost, stolen, found bicycles here in New Zealand?
  5. What IF I just brought a new bicycle from a retail store, second hand mart.
    1. Does my new bicycle get registered on a national or international bicycle register data base?
    2. Does my new bicycle receive a personal id tag/sticker, etched serial number to the bike frame? Invisable micro dot applied application id number?
    3. Is New Zealand linked up to a internationally recognised bicycle registered data base?
  6. Do bicycle service agents throughout New Zealand do a standard check of the bicycle prior to servicing the bike, looking for either a personal id or serial number inputing this into a national recognised data base to find out if ‘I am’ the legal owner of the bike.

The Outcome

SelectaDNA UK & SelectaDNA NZ is the Parent company for BikeRegister.com  This is the National Cycle Database for both United Kingdom & New Zealand Police Departments. By utilising BikeRegister.com this will both enhance and grow a bicycle secure data base for everyone. Public, Retailers, Service Agents, Police.

SelectaDNA works closely with the New Zealand & UK Police departments and are at the leading cutting edge of forensic DNA analysis & crime prevention.

SelectaDNA hold the Kits for purchase to micro DNA or etch onto your frame a code number. There are also permantent stickers with a serial number you can apply to your bike.

Registering with BikeRegister.com is very easy. Set up your account, add your bike type, model & frame number, colour etc. Plus add a photo for reference. Once completed you will then receive an email back with all your registered details including your own personal id of the bike you have just registered. It’s so simple.




Operation Snap allows you to input onto the New Zealand Police data base everything your own that is valuable to you. Listing items, serial numbers, cost of purchase, where you brought the item from. Also allows for a personal photo of your favourite item. You must register with Operation Snap using a secure id. If you loose your  precious item or it’s stolen, then gather the information from your file & hand this into the NZ Police who will then log this into their lost/stolen data base.


The New Zealand Police & SelectaDNA New Zealand:

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  2. Crime Stoppers image006
  3. SelectaDNA New Zealand  image001

The UK Police & SelectaDNA UK, Bike Register

  1. Bike Register Bike Register

Wheel Hazard On Footpaths In Paeroa Town Centre

A wheel problem

There are plenty of places to ride push bikes, skateboards and scooters in Paeroa – on the footpaths in the town centre isn’t one of them. Recent reports of near misses between pedestrians and riders during community events like market days highlight the common sense behind Council’s resolution to prohibit the riding of anything other than a wheelchair or mobility scooter on the footpaths in the town’s main street. Throw State Highway 2 into the mix and you’ve got a wheel recipe for disaster.

No-go areas clearly marked
To avoid any confusion around which wheels are welcome, and where, footpaths markings clearly showing no-go areas will be repainted over the coming weeks. In the meantime, please respect pedestrians by dismounting, or skirting the town centre altogether, on your way to the skate-park, cycle trail, school or footy practice.

No cycling, no skateboarding, no scooting on footpaths in Paeroa town centre
Not on footpaths in Paeroa town centre