GWRC reviewing policy for the carriage of cycles on trains

GWRC reviewing policy for the carriage of cycles on trains


GWRC in conjunction with TranzMetro is reviewing the policy for the carriage of cycles on trains. A proposed policy is to be considered by the Transport and Access Committee next week.  If approved, the proposed policy will be used as the basis for consultation with the cycling community and other rail users.

the main points are

  • 3 bikes per unit
  • bikes remain free
  • no bikes on peak commuter services
  • folding bikes accepted at all times

One statement I think should be challenged: "The limit was set following a request from cyclists for
certainty about the number of cycles that could be carried". I think what cyclists want is certainty that they can take a bike on a specific train, which actually implies a flexible approach to the number of bikes that can be carried in a unit.

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I agree with Alastair re wording.

Think the no bikes at peak is a bit scary - although happy that contra flow is ok.  However not sure what can be done about this - thoughts please

Great that folding bikes are ok at all times....all we need know is the shops to supply them.