Cyclist Alert

Cyclist Alert


Another incident of careless and dangerous driving.

I was on the cycle lane wearing my safety helmet and hi viz jacket, cycling along the green colored cycle lane on Lake Road, towards Takapuna.
A white Mercedes, No HHU880 cruised up Harley Ave, to turn into Lake Road.
I definitely had right of way but of course was of no consequence to the driver of the Merceedes. He saw a gap in the line of cars on Lake Road and turned in, missing me by inches. I had to cycle away from him into the oncoming Lake Road traffic in order to avoid him crashing into me.
I stopped, dismounted and asked him by gestures what happened. I pointed to the green cycle way . I was too shaken to speak.
I noted the number and would like to alert other cyclists of this dangerous driver.

Another question that arises is,
Is there a way of either making these car drivers aware and alert of cyclists and making them understand beyond any reasonable doubt that we cyclists are road users who deserve to be seen, considered, and follow road rules, just like them.

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