Cycling and the law - your help needed for research programme

Cycling and the law - your help needed for research programme


Can you help?

Please respond to Barry as below

Dear Patrick

It was good to talk just now. Let me pick up on your invitation to write with background so that you can contact others in your network. At the University of Waikato we are carrying out research into the legal dimension of cycling as a road use, and in particular the way that cycling gets treated in the legal system when an accident occurs. The research is part of "Energy Cultures" a project based at the University of Otago. Its particular focus is on how New Zealanders use energy and consider options in transport. Cycling is an issue that emerged from some of the earlier work about attitudes to different modes of transport. For a quick introduction to Energy Cultures, complete with a lovely little animation about the Framework, see

We have a law student Vashini Purusram who is working on the research as part of a Master of Laws degree, and her research will produce a thesis on the subject. She has found a great deal of useful material, but we think that there must be a lot of material out there about cycling in the form of District Court Sentencing Notes and Police communications about proceedings such as charges for careless driving. We would love to see such materials if anyone has been collecting them.

If you are able to put us in touch with anyone who has been pursuing the legal dimensions of cycling, we would be delighted to hear from them. My phone number here at Waikato is (07) 838 4187(07) 838 4187.

Yours sincerely
Barry Barton,
23 March 2015

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