Changing Gear - Documentary

Changing Gear - Documentary

Marilyn [] recommends the video Changing Gear - Documentary

"A bunch of us saw this film a few years back when it was here in the
Documentary Film Festival and it is a must see for women who are
passionate about the humble bicycle and how it can change lives.  The fact
that most of these women are not avid cycling enthusiasts makes it all the
more amazing and awesome.  I have my copy already (for my library) and am
looking forward to a night of viewing and shared journeys."

Changing Gear- The Documentary

by Film maker Lisa Burd

This is a compelling film about everyday women on an extraordinary cycling
journey covering 3,135 miles in 58 days

"Changing Gear" is the first feature length documentary, from Kiwi film
maker Lisa Burd, about a group of women over 50 cycling across the
Southern States of America raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness.
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