CANterbury ride

Mon Oct 6 - Tue Oct 7, 2008: CANterbury Ride - a cruisy 2-day ride, along the Little River Rail Trail ( Okuti Gardens homestay ( Confirmed: John Baldwin, Patrick Morgan, Alastair Smith, Marilyn Northcotte and 8 others.

Rail Trail Bike Ride 6th - 7th October Info

What time do we leave on Monday?

How long is the ride?

How long will it take?

  • 3-4 hours riding time

Will we stop for lunch?

  • Of course - bikers love to eat. Blue Duck cafe at Motukarara is a good spot.

Where are we staying?

What will it cost?

  • Accommodation at Okuti is about $30 each, depending if you are staying in the studio ($30), caravan ($15), housetruck ($65 for a couple), yurt ($25), or camp in your own tent ($10). 

What do we need to take?

  • Bike and luggage for an overnight trip. Bedding (except for those camping) and towels are provided.

How will we carry our luggage?

  • It's best to carry luggage on the bike, rather than in a backpack. Strap your backpack onto your bike's carrier, or use pannier bags.

    What shall we wear?
    Whatever you are comfortable riding in.

What will we eat?

  • The good people at Okuti will cook us a vege feast (about $20/person) and breakfast ($12). There is a cafe, shop and pub at Little River.

Return Journey...
Hills or same route back?

There are 4 options:
1. return the same way (Rail Trail);

2. return the same way as far as Motukarara, then back to Christchurch over the Port Hills;

3. take to the hills, via Hilltop, Pigeon Bay, Port Levy, Diamond Harbour, ferry ( to Lyttelton, then via the tunnel to Christchurch;
4. We could organise a shuttle

What time will we set off? 10-ish

What time will we get back? 4-ish

How long to the airport by car and bike?

  • Christchurch airport is 8 km from the city. Allow half an hour.

Info about taking your bike on the plane...

Bicycles on Air NZ

Bicycles can be checked in as part of your baggage allowance provided they are correctly packed. As a minimum, prepare the bike as follows:

* Turn in or remove the handlebars and pedals. On bicycles where
the pedals cannot be turned in or removed, sufficient padding
must be provided around the pedals to prevent the pedals
damaging other customers' baggage.
* Wrap the whole bicycle in a plastic bag, corrugated cardboard or
equivalent. Alternatively the bike may be packaged in a purpose
built bike box
* If necessary, wrap the chain to prevent grease transferring to
other baggage
* Deflation of the tyres is not necessary.
* Some bicycle items may be classed as dangerous goods. For
example, CO2 cartridges for inflating bicycle tires contain
compressed gas and are not permitted as checked or cabin
baggage. Some mountain bikes are fitted with struts containing
compressed nitrogen gas. These bikes can't be accepted as
checked baggage.