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University Avenue bike lanes proposed, Toronto, Canada

City staff wants to dedicate a lane of University Avenue to cyclists this summer, insisting it won't slow automobile traffic, as they create a denser bike network downtown.

Transportation staff is proposing bicycle lanes along University Avenue and Queen's Park Crescent.

Both roads have four lanes in each direction, with a median in between. If a pilot project is approved, one lane in each direction adjacent to the median will be dedicated to cyclists, using flexible bollards to protect them from traffic, from July to September.

Washington DC:The Capital’s Colossal Contraflow Cycle Track

While we were down in Washington, DC for the National Bike Summit, Streetfilms got the chance to check out some of the innovative bike infrastructure. Tops on our list: the city's first protected, contraflow lane for bicyclists. The district DOT has redesigned 15th Street NW between U Street and Massachusetts Avenue to accommodate two-way bike traffic on a one-way street.

Motorists drive closer to cyclists on cycle lanes

when there is a cycle lane, motorists drive within their own marked lane with less recognition of the need to provide a safe and comfortable passing distance to those using the cycle lane

Source: CTC

New research supported by CTC – the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation shows that motorists give cyclists less room when they are riding in a cycle lane.

Cycle Lanes: Safety under Scrutiny

Cycle Lanes: Safety under Scrutiny

Latest research has shed doubt on the benefits of cycle lanes, often thought to be a key incentive for novice cyclists. It would appear that, in the absence of a cycle lane, drivers show more care and consideration when overtaking. If there is a cycle lane, drivers tend to treat it as the only space cyclists need and leave less room when overtaking them.