Financial Assistance Policy

Financial Assistance Policy

Policy Status: 
Final Policy
Policy Statement: 

This Policy sets out the principles and procedures for CAN members or local groups applying for financial assistance from CAN.

It is related to the General Financial Policies, to be found here-

Policy Priority: 
A - High
Release Date: 
Mon, 09/08/2014


Policy title: 

Financial Assistance Policy

First Produced:03/02/2014Authorisation:  CAN Committee
Current Version: 23/03/2014 Officer Responsible:  Chair
Past Revisions: N/A   
Review Cycle: 3 years   
Applies From: Immediately  Availability:  Members only

1.1 Purpose

This Policy aims to ensure equal and equitable treatment of CAN members or local groups applying for financial assistance from CAN.

1.2 Scope and Application
This document provides guiding principles for the provision of financial assistance to CAN members, local groups and CAN office holders who wish to attend a cycling conference, workshop or seminar. The decisions made under this Policy must be consistent with the General Financial Policy.

1.3 Definitions
Financial assistance - a full or partial subsidy of costs.

2 Principles:

  1. All decisions made under this Policy must have a demonstrated benefit to cycling advocacy. 
  2. CAN must have the financial ability to support the request.
  3. The application must be supported by the applicant's local group (for local group members) or the CAN Chair (for CAN employees or CAN Committee members or CAN local groups). 
  4. Decisions will take into account the level of previous support (if any).
  5. The Committee may impose conditions as it sees fit. Past examples include dissemination of the resource to other local groups, or an article in Chainlinks.
  6. Financial assistance may be up to $200 where the individual or their local group contributes 20% or more of the total cost, or up to $100 where there is no local contribution.
  7. Applications in excess of the amounts in Paragraph 2.6 may be approved where circumstances and available funds permit. Such applications must be approved by a quorum of the CAN Committee.
  8. Previously successful applications include production of a short video covering a local cycling hazard ($200 to Kapiti Coast local group with $50 from group funds, 2009), supporting a second representative from a local group to attend a CAN event ($200 to Gisborne local group to support a second delegate to a CAN Portfolio group meeting with balance of cost coming from group funds, 2010).
  9. Unsuccessful applications have been due to funding already set aside for the purpose, for example in the budget for a CAN Committee meeting. Such applications are covered in the reimbursement provisions of the General Financial Policy.


3 Associated Procedures

  1. Applications must be made on the Local Group Fund Application Form (available here).
  2. Decisions will be notified by the CAN Secretary or CAN Chairperson to the Applicant within 6 weeks of application. 
  3. Decisions are made by the CAN Committee (by email or at a formal Committee meeting) and are final.  If there is insufficient time for a Committee vote, the decision can be taken by two office holders and reported to the next Committee meeting.


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