NTCA Nov 4 MInutes

NTCA Nov 4 MInutes

MINUTES North Taranaki Cycle Advocates

4 Nov 2009

Chair: Graeme

Note taker: Stuart

Present: Graeme, Stuart, Nigel, Alan, Rowan, Nathaniel  

Apologies: Joanne

1.      October minutes approved

2.      Matters arising – discussed issue of signage for Waiwhakaiho Bridge because no one can tell it’s a legitimate bike/shared path.  This was raised at CSIT and they don’t want a sign because of visual pollution.  Their plan is for a painted symbol on the pavement both inbound and outbound.

3.      Nov 2 NTCA/CSIT meeting (attended by Graeme and Nathaniel.  Learned there will be no govt funds to fix cycle lane problems on state highways (which comprised most of the problems NTCA raised).  Nov 2 discussion centred on using minor roading budget for minor cycle lane improvements.  From now on Opus will be consulted on all re-paving to ensure cycle lanes are addressed.  NPDC still plans to put double lines through all major intersections and green paint at 5 locations.  Also NPDC will try to use strategic opportunities to propose car park elimination.  Otherwise cycle lane improvement is on hold because LTCCP may need to be rewritten – and we will need to make submissions again – to incorporate identified service cuts.

4.      Cycleways Group – Graeme and Nathaniel went to Regional Council meeting around John Key’s National Cycleway project.  Venture Taranaki is putting together a proposal on behalf of the group for a feasibility study for a route from the Whanganui River to Stratford and then around the mountain.

5.      Reviewed timetable and NTCA involvement in NZ Cycling Conference and CAN-Do.

Events open (free) to public are Spooks on Spokes Ride Fri Nov 13 5.30 pm, Cycle Friendly Awards Thurs Nov 12th 5-6 pm at TSB Showplace (Theatre Royal) and the VEER film Sat Nov 13th at 8 pm at the Shoestring backpackers (Gold coin donation).

Spooks on Spokes Ride (Critical Mass ride) Fri Nov 13th 5.30 pm led by Graeme.  Will start and end at Puke Ariki – at which point he will escort conference attendees via the walkway to the Surfriders Club for the barbeque.  

Cyclists will be instructed to take their bikes to the front of the Surfriders Club for secure storage.

NTCA will be most involved in Fri night barbeque – Nigel and Alan will provide an extra barbeque and get there at five to set up.  Jan will assist with food preparation and CAN/NTCA will do clean-up and barbeque.  Nathaniel will email Craig to make sure barman is there.

Graeme will arrange for cash tin and float to collect money – he will approach Patrick about collecting money as he knows who are CAN members.  He will also clarify barbeque set-up time with Patrick and if it’s okay to send the Surfriders 20 free tickets for their meals.  Nathaniel willing to make the tickets and send them to Craig.

Rowan will be helping with food preparation at CAN-Do Sat until 2 pm and Sun. Stuart will substitute for Rowan on Sat at 2 pm to help with afternoon tea.  Graeme will clarify with Kirsten what time Stuart has to be there.  

Graeme will make sure we have lots of NTCA information slips to hand out at the public events.

Nathaniel will price muffins/bagels for CAN-do breakfasts and relay this information to CAN

Graeme will compose email to go to wider email group reminding them about the CAN-Do and the free public events and asking for suggestions for social rides NTCA could do.

6. Other Business:

Graeme will send us an email regarding the restructure CAN is going through.

NTCA stands to get $120 from dues sharing from 7 local CAN members – this will bring our bank balance to around $238.

7. Next meeting Wed Dec 2nd 5.20 pm.  


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