NTCA Minutes Sept 2nd

NTCA Minutes Sept 2nd

North Taranaki Cycle Advocates

September 2, 2009


Chair:  Graeme

Notetaker:  Stuart

Present:  Graeme, Nigel, Rowan, Alan, Stuart, Gaye, Nathaniel

1.  New road code legislation coming in from Nov 1:

  • Hook turn from bicycles - will make it legal to make right turn from left lane
  • Exemption from arm signalling at roundabouts
  • Change in cycle front light requirement - must be visible for 100 metres (instead of lighting up road for 100 metres)
  • Behaviour on shared pathway - illegal for any wheeled vehicles to travel at a speed that is hazardous to other users.

2.  NTCA role in Nov 12-13 CAN Conference

CAN wants us to organise and lead ride Fri night as well as organising the barbie afterwards:

  • o Option 1 - the NP Boardriders are willing for us to use their venue free provided their 8-12 members get a free Barbie. They will staff the bar. CAN will give us $20 for every member who registers and after covering our expenses NTCA can keep the funds left over.
  • o Option 2 - Street Party on Hine St (Stuart is willing to assume major responsibility to help organise this - Nathaniel to liase with Angela James to see if she might be willing to help
  • o Option 3 (in case of rain) - Shoestring Backbacker (providing accommodation for conference) or Mongolian Barbeque restaurant

CAN is trying to organise catered dinner at Fernery Teahouse Saturday night but there is an impasse negotiating the cost.

CAN also wants 2 NTCA to do meet and greet for Fri and Sat


  • Nathaniel will clarify with NPDC whether or not we need a food handlers license for this.
  • Alan and Nigel will do the Barbie
  • Graeme will contact the vegetarian caterer re: providing a vegetarian Barbie
  • Stuart will contact John re: the cost of providing organic sausages and rump steak and how much advance notice he needs re: quantity required
  • Alan and Graeme will check with their employers re: how they safely prepare ad store large quantities of salad
  • Graeme will put out a notice to wider email group requesting volunteers to assist with leading the ride and set-up and clean-up for Barbie.

3.  NZTA is requesting submissions on the Safe Journeys document re: the governments Safer Roads Strategy.  Submissions close Oct 2nd.  Graeme will include this in newsletter he's putting out to the wide email list.

4.  Next meeting - Wed Oct 7th 5.30 pm.


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I have deleted the last bullet point in Item 1 as I now cannot justify that statement from a re-read of the Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2009, Items 10 and 11. It was part of CAN's submission on the rule changes but didnt get accepted by NZTA. Will check with the CAN legal crew.

If you are on a "wheeeled Recreational Device" like a unicycle or a cycle with wheels having a diameter less than 355 mm, you can cross with the pedestrians and mobility scooters when the green human figure shows. Unfortunately this doesn't apply to most cyclists, so you will have to wait until the green disc or arrow shows in the traffic lights.