CAN AGM 2015

CAN AGM 2015


CAN's Annual General Meeting

CAN's Annual General Meeting will be held on the Sunday morning of the CANDo, 29th March 2015 at 11.45am.

The venue will be rooms W2.09/W2.10 on level 2 of the Whareora building, CPIT, Barbadoes Street, Christchurch.

The minutes of the 2014 AGM are here.

The current version of CAN's rules can be found here.

The report from the Chair and the audited accounts for 2013-2014 are attached as PDF's to this page, see below.

Agenda Item

2Review of Previous Minutes (2014 AGM)
3Matters arising
4Office holders' reports:
 Chairperson's report
 Treasurer's report
5Election of officers
6Election of the CAN Committee
7Notices of motion
8Other business
8.1Rule changes (as previously advised)
8.2Appointment of auditor/reviewer
8.3Any other business?
End of meeting


Nominations are open for the CAN committee. We need to elect a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and 3-5 other committee members.  More information on what being on the committee is all about is available here.

If you would like to make a nomination, please copy the text below and paste it into an email or other document, so you can email or print and post it to us (CAN, PO Box 25-424, Wellington 6146). Email is preferred!

Note: it's fine to nominate yourself!

Nomination form:

- Name & contact details (email, phone, address) of person you are nominating:

- Your name & contact details:

- Has the person you are nominating accepted the nomination? Yes/No

- Short biographical note about the nominee (max. 200 words):


- Supplementary information, e.g. why you think this person should be elected to the CAN Committee (max. 200 words):


- Is the person you are nominating a current CAN member?  Yes/No

- If no, are they willing to become a member before the AGM?  Yes/No


For example:Billy W (Hamilton)

Nominated by: self-nominated

Background info excerpted from Billy's CV:

  • Currently co-ordinates Big Adventures' programme. 
  • Has well established relationships with stakeholders in local government, health, education, environmental and social services sectors


Supplementary information:
I am keen to be involved with CAN, on the committee at a national level. I will renew my CAN membership before the AGM.


Nominations received:



Existing committee members who are re-standing for election:

Graeme Lindup (New Plymouth) - committee only
Don Babe (Christchurch)
Stephen Wood (Alexandra)
Alistair Smith (Wellington)
David Hawke (Christchurch)
Will Andrews (Nelson)


Proposed rule changes:

Rule 5.2

The words "or reviewed" need to be inserted between audited and statement so the rule reads:

5.2 The treasurer shall present to the membership an audited or reviewed statement of CAN's accounts for the preceding financial year and those accounts shall be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting.

Rule 5.4

The words "or reviewed" need to be inserted after the word audited at the end of the rule so the rule reads:

5.4 At the Annual General Meeting, the chairperson shall present a report of CAN's activities since the last Annual General Meeting and the Treasurer shall present a statement of CAN's accounts for the financial year ending 30 June, duly audited or reviewed.

Rule 12

The words "or reviewer" to be added after each occurrence of the word auditor so the rule reads: Auditor or Reviewer

12.1 An auditor or reviewer, who shall not be a Member of the Committee, shall be appointed by the Members of CAN at the Annual General Meeting. The Auditor's or Reviewer's remuneration shall be determined by the Committee.
12.2 Should the position of auditor or reviewer become vacant the Committee may appoint a replacement for the balance of the appointment.


Notices of motion:

If you would like to propose any notices of motion for the AGM, please email them to us ( by 20th March 2014, so we can post them up here on the website giving members the required 14 days notice.


Can't make it to the AGM?

If you can't make it along to the AGM, and would like to send your apologies, or if you would like to vote by proxy on any of the motions being put forward, just let the secretary know by email beforehand.


Graeme Lindup
David Hawke


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