August 5th NTCA Minutes

August 5th NTCA Minutes


    North Taranaki Cycle Advocates

    August 5, 2009


    Chair:  Graeme

    Note taker:  Stuart

    Present:  Nigel, Graeme, Joelle, Rowan, Alan, Kirsten, Nathaniel, Stuart

    1.   Kirsten is contract CAN staff person from Auckland working on logistics for CAN-Do conference Nov 13-14 in New Plymouth.  The CAN-Do is timed to follow the Nov 11-12 national cycling conference (geared towards roading engineers, district council staff - though there is a discounted conference fee of $250 for cycling advocates).  The CAN-Do is an opportunity for advocacy groups from all over the country to get together.  Technically attendees are supposed to be financial CAN members but Kirsten will check on this - she thinks members of cycle advocacy groups are allowed to attend.  The cost for the weekend is $70 (includes meals but not accommodation).  There will be organized workshops and feedback sessions as well as several group rides.  Kirsten will check if there is also a day rate.  She will also check if the Sunday ride can be opened to people who don't pay $70 for the whole weekend.  The theme of the CAN-Do is "Communications and Connections".

    2.  CAN staff are requesting volunteers from NTCA to assist with various tasks.  Possibilities are

    ¨      Providing greeter at the airport and assisting with coordinating transportation from the airport.  Joelle knows of a Green taxi that provides airport rides for $20 and will give these contact details to Graeme.

    ¨      Providing a local liaison person to assist in logistics

    ¨      Providing a NTCA display at the conference

    ¨      Helping to source local caterers/organic food etc

    ¨      Joelle knows a local vegetarian caterer and will give Graeme this name

    ¨      Kirsten will contact the Taranaki Environment Centre about sourcing organic fruit/veggies/meat - and possibly organic sausages.

    ¨      Stuart agreed to put Barbara Hammonds email in the minutes so Kirsten can contact her about recycling at the CAN-Do (

    ¨      Nathaniel agreed to coordinator bike rentals for CAN-Do attendees

    ¨      Nathaniel will organise a Critical Mass ride for Friday night Nov 12th

    ¨      Nathaniel will check with NPDC on what kind of permits are needed to cater the event.

    ¨      Helping promote the CAN-Do locally

    3.   Report on Waiwhakaiho Bridge - progress on cycle lane but still not usable outbound.  On-going negotiation about best way to resolve outbound issues.

    4.   Bell Block Bypass - they are revising the cycle lane but will not mark it as a cycle late because it's too difficult to get from the footpath into traffic.

    5.   Nathaniel announced that police are organising fluoro Friday for 400 primary school traffic patrol kids on Fri Aug 14th at 10 am.  They will wear fluorescent vests and march from the Shell Station on Liardet to a barbeque at Huatoki Plaza.

    6.   Next meeting Sept 2nd.

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