Technical Advisor

Technical Advisor


Having access to up-to-date and accurate technical information is important for CAN's advocacy. It helps to give our submissions and meetings credibility and influence. The Technical Advisor helps to provide this information.

The Technical Advisor is appointed by the Committee. It is not essential for the postholder to also be on the Committee. It's helpful to have more than one person occupying this role.


  • Provide technical (traffic engineering, transportation planning and policy) leadership and advice for CAN


  • advise CAN on technical issues related to the programming, design and funding of transport infrastructure, including roads, intersections and cycle facilities
  • moderate CAN's Technical Special Interest Group
  • act as contact point for member queries on technical issues ( has been set up for this purpose)
  • participate in discussions through CAN Technical and CAN Forum as needed
  • assist CAN Cm'tee and member groups on technical issues as needed
  • assist with technical aspects of submissions as needed
  • write or assist the ChainLinks Contributions Manager to solicit technical articles for ChainLinks as time allows
  • co-ordinate a technical FAQ section on the CAN website
  • attend meetings with key stakeholders where technical input is needed as commitments allow
  • assist with the development and maintenance of CAN policies
  • when Duties are substantial, advise why and how professional expertise should be acquired

Desired qualities/experience:

  • CAN member
  • some knowledge of CAN's purpose, policies and activities
  • expertise in the planning, design and maintenance of roads and cycle facilities


  • CAN Committee, CAN Technical, CAN Forum and member groups

Support/working relationships:

  • CAN Committee, CAN staff and CAN Forum

Time commitment:

  • Varies during the year, but averages one hour per week


  • entitled to claim travel expenses for CAN business
  • other appropriate expenses (e.g. paper, postage, toll calls)
  • training as appropriate
  • annual gift ($50 voucher from selected stores)
  • furthering a good cause and working with great people

[updated March 2013]