Cyclists need proper bike lanes, not slogans

National's proposal to fine cyclists who don't use bike lanes is a misguided and unworkable plan, say cycling advocates. 

This is a dumb idea,” said Patrick Morgan, from the Cycling Action Network

It would needlessly stir conflict and hostility.”

It's a solution looking for a problem.


The best way to get people to use bike lanes is to build proper protected bike lanes. Too many bike lanes in New Zealand are low-quality.

Paint is not protection.”

Pedestrians don't want fast cyclists on shared paths, which are often low quality.

Police have better things to go than hassle people on bikes. They must be rolling their eyes at this misguided idea.”

Most people would prefer Police resources were focused on road safety issues like impaired drivers and dangerous speeding.

People on bikes need solutions, not slogans.

When NZ has a network of bike lanes as good as in the Netherlands, we could reconsider. Until then, let's keep building bike lanes.


Patrick Morgan
CAN – Cycling Action Network
Tel 027-563-4733

Release Date: 
Sunday, 15 December, 2019