Work Starts On-site for New Plymouth's Coastal Pathway Bridge

Work Starts On-site for Coastal Pathway Bridge


From the NPDC's website:

"Construction of the Coastal Pathway’s shared pedestrian/cycle bridge moves into the public eye with work starting on-site at the Waiwhakaiho River on 1st September.

There will be a blessing of the site on the city side of the river Tuesday morning, then earthworks will begin as part of construction of the bridge abutment.

“Work has been under way for many months on constructing the bridge itself, but this is the first element of the project that the public can see taking shape,” says Manager Projects Team Jeff Bondy.

The bridge is a key part of the extension of the Coastal Walkway northward to Bell Block.

When completed, the extension will give cyclists and walkers an off-road link between Bell Block and the central city through to the port.

The route of the pathway north has almost been finalised. Mr Bondy says the pathway is scheduled for completion in late summer, with the Waiwhakaiho River bridge in place by March next year."