Woo! Bicycling in New York City is UP 26% in 2009!

number of cyclists in nyc chart
Image: NYC DOT (pdf)

"Everybody get out there and ride!"
The stats are out and according to the NYC DOT, bicycling in New York has shot up by 26% in 2009, which is a lot by any measure, though it is lower than the 35% increase in 2008. As you can see from the chart above, these increases are unprecedented. For more on these feel good news, make sure to check out the great video.

Streetsblog writes:

The new counts bolster the evidence linking safer bikeways to increased cycling. New York's bike network expanded significantly in the past 12 months, including protected paths on Broadway, Eighth Avenue, the Sands Street approach to the Manhattan Bridge, Allen Street, and Kent Avenue in Williamsburg.

In total, NYC has created 200 miles of bike routes in the past three years, and now they're reaping the rewards.

For those curious about the methodology of how cyclists were counted:

"The agency measures bike commuting by counting cyclists crossing 50th Street on the Hudson River Greenway, riding over the four East River bridges, and entering and exiting the Staten Island Ferry at Whitehall Terminal. Notably, cyclists riding across 50th Street on the avenues are not included in the count."

From Streetfilms Via Treehugger.com