Wellington Windies: SubCycle Pod

SubCycle Group: for women of recreation

Introducing SUB (Sarah Ulmer Brand) Culture

A Subculture is a social group within a national culture. Within the national culture of females being active and healthy, we would like to invite you to be part of our *SUBculture*.

SUB identified that a lot of you want to ride, run or walk with other women of a similar ability, but don’t know how to meet these like minded ladies, or are afraid of rolling up to a bunch ride or group run where the testosterone will overpower any enjoyment you may have had. The other issue is always time, so it is important that these group sessions are local to you and at a convenient time.

So let us introduce the new SUBculture, this is a vehicle for women nationwide to ride with other women, motivating you to ride more and to meet like minded ladies.

We hope that SUBculture helps you to be motivated and in getting out riding. For more information go to the website:


Come on - dust those cobwebs off your bike and come and join us!

We want YOU to come along, give cycling a go, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

Our SubCycle group is focused on participation for health and wellbeing.

Any age and level of fitness and style of bicycle welcome.

Receive support and encouragement, as well as tips on cycling (in a group, on the road and in traffic), fitness and nutrition.

Leave Freyberg pool at 5.30pm on Tuesdays, from Daylight Savings on, till Daylight Savings off. Hope you can come and join us, for more information please contact:



027 538 5885