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Cycle Action Waiheke (CAW) is a local cycling advocacy group based on Waiheke Island. CAW was started in 2007 by a group of local people who felt there was a need to create an independant voice for cyclists to comment on local issues. In particular people were concerned and believed that Waihekes roads should be made safer and more enjoyable for everyday cycling. Membership is free and currently(Feb09) running at just over 100 people.

Cycle Action Waiheke has presented to the Waiheke Community Board on a number of ocasions at public forum. Presentations so far have included:

  • Presentation on the need for cycle lane provision on Ocean View Road from Matiatia ferry terminal to Oneroa.
  • Presentation on the need for the upgrade of Ocean View Road near Little Oneroa beach to include cycle lanes.
  • Presentation on the need to remove roadside parking on Ocean View Road near the ferry terminal using a gradual/phased aproach. This presentation included support from Waiheke Police to remove all roadside parking on the Southern side of the road as they considered it a road safety risk.

CAW have campaigned hard for all road upgrades on Waiheke to be designed with cyclists in mind. Our first tangible win was the painting of two uphill cycle lanes on Ocean View Road heading uphill from Little Oneroa Beach.

CAW organise a number of free events and fun activities for cyclists throughout the year. These have included:

  • Bikers Breakfast events
  • Bike bus/Critical Mass group bike rides
  • Bike repair workshops
  • Bike recycling project- saving thrown out bikes
  • CAW comittee and group meetings
  • Campaign stalls at the the Ostend Market
  • Talks and presentations

Membership of Cycle Action Waiheke is free of any charge and open to all

If you wish to join Cycle Action Waiheke, email the following details to Tom Ransom at ecologic@nettel.net.nz.

You will need to provide:

  • Your Name address and telephone number(s)
  • Your email address

This membership will allow you to recieve regular (usualy only monthly) emails regarding the work of Cycle Action Waiheke and how you can get involved if you so wish.

All Cycle Action Waiheke members are encouraged to join Cycle Advocates Network as our parent organization on a national level. In this way, members can recive national news and a quarterly magazine for a yearly subscription.

Happy Cycling...........

Tom Ransom

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