Wanted: Cycling campaign manager

Cycle Aware Wellington is hiring a part-time campaign manager. We need a person to run an effective campaign for quality cycle lanes.

This will be a significant year for cycling in Wellington. In 2013 we voted for a bike-friendly council and have upped the cycling budget to $4.3 million. The next major project is the Island Bay - CBD route.
Making sure this is a high-quality cycling route is our key task, as it will set the tone for the future. There are significant stakeholder issues to resolve. Without strong community support we risk getting a poor quality cycling route.

Recruit supporters, build a database, build relationships with stakeholder groups, fundraise, create publicity materials, and advocate through social media, news media, and meetings. 
Manage CAW volunteers for this campaign.

The campaign manager will be supported by the CAW Committee and CAN Project Manager. The contract is for 15 hours/week for 12 weeks, negotiable.

Contact Patrick Morgan patrick@can.org.nz tel 04 210 4967 by 21 February.


Database of supporters
Campaign materials
Sample submissions
Programme of meetings, events etc

To help the community effectively advocate for a high-quality cycling route.

number of supporters recruited
number of helpers recruited and managed
dollars raised
number of submissions made
news media coverage
$4.3 million cycling budget confirmed in WCC's Annual Plan
level of service of cycling route.

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