Vote Bike - local body elections

Council elections in September and October present a once in three years opportunity to achieve more bike-friendly cities and towns.


How you can help:


Check your enrolment at

Vote for candidates who support the transport policies you want

Raise transport and cycling issues at candidates' meetings, send letters to editors, to Facebook or post online

Invite candidates to a meeting and ask about their priorities

Invite them on a ride for a first-hand look at cycling issues

Make a banner, sign, or Facebook image

Ask candidates about their policies at



1. What is your transport policy?


2. What have you done, and what will you do, to make my town more bike-friendly?


3. Do you support safer speed limits in shopping and residential streets?


4. Do you support making on-road cycle lanes or separated cycle facilities?


Jill Ford from Cycle Aware Wellington took up the challenge. She put out a call to all Wellington bikers, inviting people with skills in PR, media, online advertising / petitions, design, crowd sourcing, social media and photography to get councils around the region to lift their game. The campaign's working title is ‘Love cycling'. See


‘We need to get all councillors to realise that loads of people, from small kids to retirees, love cycling and want more and better bike lanes, tracks and safety campaigns', says Jill.