US photojournalists seek great NZ cycling stories

The Path Less Pedaled
In March 2009, we sold all of our belongings to explore the United States by bicycle, and started In traveling and sharing our journey, we have inspired thousands of other people to
follow their own travel dreams. is an adventure travel blog that is recognized as one of the leading bike touring
websites, with compelling photography, videos and writing. The website averages 40,000 visitors per
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Bicycling Stories of New Zealand
Our next adventure is to spend three months bicycling in New Zealand. New Zealand is quickly
developing the reputation as being a premiere bicycling destination. We have heard about the Great Rides
and unprecedented support of bicycle tourism by the Prime Minister. We want to see it first hand and
share the experience with our readers. We also want to explore the growing urban bicycling movement
and relay those stories to our readers around the world.

Our goal is to to talk to bicycle advocates, government officials, bicycle friendly businesses and everyday
riders about bicycling in New Zealand. We want to focus both on colorful human interest stories (tweed
rides, frocks on bikes, the monopoly ride), as well as the pressing bicycling issues in New Zealand. Many
bike advocates from the US are looking to the Great Rides program as an innovative step in promoting
economics through cycling. We want to share those stories.

Tell Us Your Story
If you have any interesting bike-related stories, we want to hear about it. Are you a business that is bike
friendly or operates by bike? Do you organize a unique ride? Has riding a bicycle changed your life? Are
you involved in a local or national level in improving bicycling in New Zealand? Do you know of some
quirky New Zealand bike culture happening? Email us at:

Creative Partnerships
Our trip is self-funded through our e-book sales, travel writing and photography. We do this because we
want others to travel and explore by bicycle! If you can assist us with accommodations or by hiring us for
travel writing and photography that would be greatly appreciated! We are always looking for partners and
sponsors in our mission. We have a world-wide audience that is a very focused demographic interested in
bike touring and bike travel. If you're interested in partnering with us on our New Zealand trip, email us

see attached pdf or for more.

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