Urban Arrow: A Reinvented Cargo Bike With An Electric Boost

We have admired Bakfiets, the big Dutch cargo bikes that carry kids around the Netherlands, before; Warren noted that they have a low centre of gravity and are very stable, and probably are a whole lot safer than kids' seats on bikes.

But they are heavier than the average bike, and much of the world is not as flat as the Netherlands. That's why the Urban Arrow, shown on Bicycle design, is so interesting. It is light, lovely to look at and has an electric boost. Wytze van Mansum has designed it "to replace the second car."

Designer Wytze van Mansum tells James Thomas of Bicycle Design:

With the electric assist you can get around a busy town faster than by car, taking with you up to 180kg of cargo and without sweating (Not everybody has the legs of a pro cyclist, after all).....Put it in first gear and you can ride up any hill effortlessly.

Features include:

  • A rain cover that is always present on the bike (in the future it will cover the parent also). Designed by Renske Solkesz

  • Easy access in and out for the children

  • Cup holders and a grocery net

  • A fixed bolted seatpost (to prevent saddle theft) that still can be easily adjusted in height

  • A removable box, transforming it to a flat-bed cargo bike.

  • Comfortable (and more puncture proof) balloon tires

This could really catch on. More technical information and pictures at Bicycle Design

From Treehugger.com