UK extends 20 mph speed limit zones

20 is Plenty

New proposals will allow councils in England to bring in more 20 mph (30km/h) speed limit areas without having to introduce traffic-calming measures such as speed humps. Road Safety Minister Paul Clark encouraged councils to introduce the 20mph schemes into residential streets and other roads where there are lots of cyclists and pedestrians. He also renewed his call for a review of speed limits on rural roads. CTC campaigns for 20 mph and is pleased The Department for Transport is changing its guidance to give a stronger backing to the use of 20 mph zones and speed limits. CTC also wants to see Wales, Scotland and NI do more to promote 20 mph too. The consultation follows evidence as to how 20 mph zones in London have reduced casualties and a new report on traffic speeds from the UK Noise Association, which calls for lower speed limits as the best way to reduce traffic-related noise.